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About Protouch

ProTouch began in October 1996, designed for a large corporate that needed a highly sophisticated point of sale system. ProTouch’s original creator, Alister Thyne, envisioned a product that was to be dynamic, highly adaptable and able to reach a large variety of markets with depth in both functionality and usability.

With 16 years prior experience designing and producing pedigree Point of Sale (POS) software and hardware, Alister was in a position to launch Protouch into the market place quickly. Inside a short period of time ProTouch was positioned as a high end POS system ideal for prestigious restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and bars throughout New Zealand.

The ProTouch team puts much effort into continuing a legacy of developing POS software that is based on the needs of the user. The focus is not just on making really good software, its making sure that it meets the total solution needs of businesses that use it. The team is continually seeking feedback from industry people, then modifying and growing the product and its knowledge base.

ProTouch has evolved into a product that now spans many markets in many countries and provides solutions for many industries. ProTouch has developed with a pedigree in hospitality POS software, however with recent major developments such as Kitchen Video Systems, Wireless handhelds and Caller ID packages, ProTouch is placed in a perfect position for providing a total solution for

· The quick food industry

· Fine dining
· Retail enterprise

· Production line management

The constant drive to keep ProTouch ahead of market needs has seen the development of Web based POS solutions. This direction will enable ProTouch to complete sales on mobile phone devices through to any PC connected to the www, anywhere in the world.

Since 1999, TTML, the owners and producers of ProTouch software, realised that for ProTouch to expand from some 30 installations throughout New Zealand, a global distribution channel needed to be built. Today, Protouch is installed in over 500 sites throughout six countries. With vision and support from a dedicated team, ProTouch is now stepping up to the mark and becoming one of today's world market leaders.


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