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Hi everybody News Flash regarding ProTouch support!
Author: ProtouchSoftware - September 14, 2012

As you may have heard Australian and New Zealand phone and internet support has changed providers

New Zealand Phone Number:
Auckland +64 9 280 4118

Australia Phone Number:
Sydney +61 2 9098 0366

Please use the above Numbers for support calls.

Non Urgent cases please email

Priority support will be for customers who currently are in, and maintain payments for support contracts to protouchnz.

Most support contracts are for office hours only, but knowing the hospitality industry that always isn’t suitable,
Our support team will do their best to help after hours particularly if it’s urgent,
Charges may or may not apply depending on the nature of the support required.

Customers who are currently not in contract will still be able to have casual support on a case by case basis;
However Credit card details will be required at the time of call to charge appropriately.

For a full list of what charges apply, and what support level contracts we can offer you, please email

So let us introduce ourselves.

Manning the support phone (based in New Zealand but also doing Australian cases)
Kurt Jarrett

Last 8 years have been technical services manager for a group of 7 bars and restaurants.
This will be of great value to you, our customers because of the ‘inside’ knowledge gained in the day to day running of hospitality businesses.
More than 11 years experience with protouch onsite and remote support.
One of the first technicians in the early days of protouch.
Team leader for the Auckland technicians working on protouch.
Kurts experience as a office products technician, specalising in PC and Point Of Sale gives him a wealth of knowledge.
In both software and hardware, and also dealing with ‘key clients’ likes to build a friendly relationship with his customers.

Sales, Marketing and Training
Andrew Brown

With 20 years experience with CASIO Cash Registers and Point of Sale systems Andrews passion for the hospitality industry is obvious.
This shows through as he has worked with Restaurants Bars Clubs and Cafes providing Protouch software solutions for 15 years,
Providing quality hardware and software solutions working directly with the customer to fine tune their system to their individual requirements,
working with some top NZ Restaurants & Bars Providing software, hardware, software support & hands on installations etc.
Andrew is well known in the Auckland area this is through the great team we have here at Protouchnz & ABLE2 Business solutions.

edited: 15 March 2013

Temporary contact number for Australia
Author: ProtouchSoftware - February 3, 2011

We have issues with some of our Australia phone lines Please use +61 02 9975 6111

ProTouch Software latest version now available
Author: TouchTec Marketing - February 28, 2008

ProTouch Software Version 337A
is now available
Please contact ProTouch for more information click here

edited: 22 May 2009

Printing in Chinese Characters
Author: TouchTec Marketing - March 28, 2007

Do you need Chinese printing in your restaurant?

ProTouch Software's recently released PTV334 supports Chinese script.
Contact ProTouch for more information on this development.

click here to find out more

edited: 22 January 2008

Buying Second-hand ProTouch Software
Author: TouchTec Marketing - September 19, 2006

When considering purchasing a second-hand

Protouch Software Point of Sale (POS) system

it is important to contact us first because there will be costs in relicencing the software to you, the new owner.

This applies whether the POS system is being moved to a new site, or staying on the original site.

The person selling the POS system may not know.
To contact ProTouch Software click here to find out how much it will cost to relicence.

edited: 28 March 2007

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